Increasing Your Teaching Conference Return on Investment

Updated: May 22, 2019

Todd Zakrajesek

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Teaching conferences typically have a strong collegial feel and in my experience are highly motivating. Hearing, examining, critiquing pedagogy from multiple viewpoints enriches strategies and solutions to issues in higher education classrooms. These conferences have helped me to become a better educator and every time I have left a teaching conference I am excited to implement what I have learned.

Attending an academic conference is an investment. In addition to the registration fees and travel, a conference takes you away from family, work, and friends. Given your investment, it is essential to maximize your benefits when attending a conference to establish a good return on investment. Following are a few suggestions based on both my attendance at numerous conferences and the conferences I have directed. Conferences will provide you with a wide variety of potential opportunities. Take advantage of as many as you are able.

Select the Right Conference for You