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The Scholarly Teacher manuscript submission process is being placed on hold over the summer. We have a backlog of manuscripts to post, and then, beginning in the fall we will announce a new model for posts.  If you have a manuscript in progress that you had intended to submit prior to June 15, please email Todd Zakrajsek at: to let me know the topic and where you are in the writing process.  I want to ensure that if you have already begun writing your work will be considered for posting.  The Scholarly Teacher blogs accepts unsolicited manuscripts for consideration. All manuscripts undergo blind peer review. If you are interested in submitting your work for consideration please look at the calendar of scheduled blog posts. If the topic has been covered or will be covered in a six-month period, we most likely will not publish work on this topic again during the calendar year. If this is the case, please email us with your potential topic so we can discuss it with you.


Please note that our audience is comprised of graduate students, post-docs, and higher education faculty/administrators at every stage of their careers. Our readership is primarily in Northern America but includes readers from around the globe. Review archived blogs for ideas of what issues we have addressed and how the content has been presented.


Visit the Manuscript Submission Guidelines for specific details about writing a blog for consideration.

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Submissions are Not Being Accepted at This Time
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