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Community from a Distance: Building a Sense of Belonging in an Online Classroom

Kari Henry Hulett Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology It happens to everyone. That sense of distraction and over commitment. Semesters when demands of professional development, research, scholarship, and service draw your energy and focus away from classroom teaching. With just a few short weeks left in the semester, I was desperately striving to meet dissertation writing deadlines, teaching two online undergraduate courses, and prepping for a class in the fall. Admittedly, I was plagued with self-doubt about whether or not I had provided my students with the attention I would typically give them. One morning, while hurriedly preparing for work, I checked my email during breakf

First Generation College Students: A Journey Without Maps

Spencer Benson Educational Innovations International Consulting, LLC Prevalence of First Generation College Students With the expansion of higher education more adults have a 4-year college degree (21% in 1990 vs. 33% in 2015); yet, the percentage of university students who are first-generation college students (FGS) remains significant (about 37% in 1999 and approximately 33% in 2012). The most commonly used definition for FGS is a reference limiting the term to describe the first person in his/her/their family to attend college. There are more encompassing definitions that describe the many variations of what constitutes FGS. For example, FGS may include student with one parent holding a 4

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