Types of Columns

Educator Manuscripts

Topics posted to the scholarly blog reflect contemporary issues in higher education, and offer tips and best practices. In addition to explaining/describing a professional experience, it is expected that the foundation of the writing is grounded in sound pedagogy and includes three to five references (APA Format).  

Infographic of a Teaching Tip

We encourage submissions from educators willing to contribute a teaching tip that improves teaching and student learning. Please format your infographic sized to 800 x 2000 pixels and allow space for the Scholarly Teacher graphic identity to be placed below your credit. Along with the infographic please provide a narrative text-only file of the content.

Student Submissions

Systematic improvement of effective teaching is incomplete without recognizing the student experience.  As such, we welcome the submission of posts written by students, describing specific experiences that result in more challenges or more significant achievements in today's classroom.  Including student voices in our reflections about pedagogy is necessary to both enhance and enrich our pursuit of quality education. The length of a student submission should be 750-1000 words.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

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