Reviewer Consideration

Each manuscript submitted for consideration undergoes blind-peer review. You can expect results of the manuscript review will take 3 weeks for comments to be returned to you, depending on both the time of year as well as the cycle of the academic calendar. Below are points the reviewers take into consideration.



Topic/Subject Matter: Is this a topic that is relevant in contemporary education? Is it applicable to the classroom (face-to-face, online, or hybrid learning environments)? Does the topic have appeal to faculty across multiple disciplines?


Organization: Does the presentation of the content have a "hook"? Is the material presented succinctly yet sufficiently for the reader to have a solid understanding of the message being conveyed? Does the author include, tips, cautions, and recommendations for success that others should consider?


Writing Style: Clarity. Grammar. Is the idea/summary novel? Is it supported by narrative evidence or published literature? Does the blog advance discussion about the topic? Can the facts presented by verified? Is it grounded in sound pedagogy?


References: Are three or more references cited within the text or listed as a bibliography for further reading? Are the references cited reputable?


Discussion Questions: Did the author provide questions for consideration by the reader?