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Creating Work-Life Balance: Using Personal Reflection to Guide Personal and Professional Growth

Lata Murti and Kathleen Ringenbach Brandman University We have all been there. Losing a night or two of sleep to finish grading students’ essays before their final exams come along is routine. After a long day on campus, many of us continue to work once we get home, juggling a late-afternoon web meeting with colleagues while dinner is burning on the stove, hungry children scream, and the dogs bark to be let out. We nervously polish off a large bag of chips as a carefully crafted email is sent to a disgruntled student complaining about a grade. We feel exhaustion that is so bone deep that burnout is no longer an abstract concept faced by others -- even though we believed that becoming a colle

How to Use Questions to Promote Student Learning

Spencer Benson Education Innovations International Consulting Questions are an integral part of teaching and learning, and good questions require thoughtfulness, creativity, and patience. I often see instructors ask “Are there any questions?”, and nearly always the class response is silence. If there are questions they almost always come from the students sitting in the first rows, often they already know the answer and are seeking reassurance and/or recognition. These students generally are not representative of the majority of students in the class – including those students who are sitting in the back row, on mobile devices, or working on something unrelated to the class. There are a vari

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