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Lateness and Learning: Issues and Strategies Associated with Late or Missed Submissions

Bonnie Mullinix Co-President & Educational Consultant - Jacaranda Educational Development Do late assignment submissions equal less learning? Are firm, immutable deadlines the best approach? When zero points are factored in place of a late assignment, is this an accurate reflection of student’s knowledge? Although there are jobs in which one must turn something in on time or else it has no value, there are MANY jobs where deadlines may need to be negotiated at times. Therefore, perhaps we also need to consider strategies for dealing with late submissions in a clear, supportive way that takes into consideration context, general population characteristics, and accommodates individual c

A Mindset for Learning: The Dispositions of Academically Successful Students

Scott Gaier Associate Professor, Academic Enrichment - Taylor University Deep learners engage beyond the surface of memorization and the disconnected learning of individual facts. They have a desire for learning that goes beyond good grades and “correct” answers. These students are driven by curiosity and interest. They have a passion and desire to be genuine learners. What would it be like to have a classroom full of students who are deep learners? What happens if we already do—but students do not how to awaken this inner learner, are not aware of how to deepen their learning, or perhaps even worse, we are keeping them from it? A Growth Mindset Through decades of research on motivati

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