No More Grading In Your Pajamas: Using Video to Provide Feedback on Assignments

Zara Risoldi Cochrane, PharmD, MS, FASCP School of Pharmacy and Health Professions - Creighton University

As the assignment deadline draws near, you begin to do the math in your head.  If you have a 12 page paper, multiplied by 185 students, and it takes you 2 minutes to read each page…how long until your eyes cross from all this grading?!

As educators, we’re challenged to provide thoughtful, high-quality feedback on assignments for an increasing number of students in a timely fashion.  On one hand, it’s important that we provide students with feedback quickly, so they can incorporate our comments into future assignments.  On the other hand, if we want our feedback to be meaningful and individualized, it takes a significant amount of faculty time to grade.

In our online course, we hypothesized that providing recorded video feedback on students’ assignments would reduce faculty grading time compared to traditional grading using written feedback.  At the same time, we believed that video feedback could simulate face-to-face interactions with our distance learners and improve the overall student experience.

The Project