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Sun, Summer, and The Scholarly Teacher

The Scholarly Teacher Staff

Image by Hannah Morgan, Unsplash.

Happy Summer to Our Readers!

This has been an exciting academic year for The Scholarly Teacher. We received more submissions than ever before and explored wider-ranging topics, from gamification to digital advising to social justice pedagogy. We are excited to offer even more new Scholarly Teacher articles this summer to help you to continue to fine-tune your practice. The fall semester, in turn, will bring renewed opportunities to explore the balance and interaction of onsite and online teaching and learning in equitable and accessible ways. Along the way, though, we ask that you take some time for yourself to take a breath and reflect on your own mental and physical wellness.

We encourage you to plan enriching activities and totally restful and restorative time this summer. If writing is part of your rest and restoration over the next few months, we welcome your thoughts! Please contact us at or submit your work using our Manuscript Submission Form. Of course, if the opportunities arise, we would love to speak with you in person at an upcoming ITLC Lilly Conference!

Have a safe, relaxing, rewarding summer! Thank you for your time and the support you have shown our community through your continued readership and contributions.

Best regards,

Todd Zakrajsek and The Scholarly Teacher Team

Discussion Questions

  1. What restorative activities are you looking forward to this summer?

  2. How can you connect with colleagues to prepare for the upcoming semester?

  3. Reflecting on the past year, what are you most proud of in your faculty work? What new strategy/strategies are you excited to try for Fall 2023?

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