Rethinking our Relationship with Grading: An Invitation to Reflect and Make the Time

Updated: Sep 15

Megan Pietruszewski

Clemson University

Grading is not most instructors' favorite part of teaching. It can feel easy to postpone grading when lesson planning and responding to student emails seem more urgent, perhaps even more so in online modalities. However, we know that grading and providing feedback (although the two are not synonymous) can help students learn. As Linda Nilson (1998) says in Teaching at Its Best: A Research-Based Resource for College Instructors, "Grading is a task you may view with dread and disdain, but it provides essential feedback to your students on their performance and to you on your teaching effectiveness" (p. 195). The following tips are an invitation for instructors to investigate our relationship with grading further and, hopefully, find a little more peace and regularity to our grading practice to help foster student learning.