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Looking Back as We Look Forward: The Ten Most Frequently Read Scholarly Teacher Blogs

In higher education, it is easy to work so fast and furious with concerns about the future that we have little time to reflect on the wonderful things we have accomplished. For that reason, The Scholarly Teacher team would like to take a moment to reflect and thank the many individuals who have both contributed posts, and those who regularly read the written work of colleagues.

The following are the top ten most frequently read posts over the past five years.

If you missed these the first time around, take a minute to give them a quick read. If you have already read them, maybe do so again. We are each changing all the time, and with each reading, I know I pick up something I hadn’t noticed before. As always, the blogs are written so they can be read in just a few minutes, even though some of the content might have you thinking for days.

On to the top 10. Enjoy!

#10 - Analyzing Student End of Course Written Comments

#9 - Connecting Assessment and Learning

#8 - First Generation College Students: A Journey Without Maps

#7 - 10 Easy Grouping Techniques for the College Classroom

#6 - The First 4 Weeks of the Course: Extending Activities Long Enough to Establish Productive Habits