Fostering Online Student Success in the Face of COVID-19

Updated: Oct 4

Rory O’Neill Schmitt

University of Southern California

How can I help my students be successful?

Amidst the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty and administrators remain dedicated to supporting students’ academic and professional goals. As we move from emergency remote teaching to more well-designed online learning experiences, we need to be agile. To create effective online learning experiences, it is important to develop growth-minded students.

Why Growth Mindset? Why Now?

How can we be successful teaching our classes online? One answer is to teach and demonstrate growth mindset as a means to ignite student achievement.

Carol Dweck’s growth mindset theory is built on the principle that qualities and talents are not fixed; rather, these skills can grow through dedication and hard work. When students utilize a growth mindset, they apply more effort and time and therefore, they accomplish more.