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Our Mission

We are glad you have found us! If you are returning, welcome back!


We believe in fostering the pursuit of Scholarly Teaching.
This blog is intended to encourage you to purposefully pause, think critically, reflect on your teaching and your students' learning.
Posts address contemporary issues and offer practical implications for our classrooms.


At the heart of it all we hold these core values:


-  Community is cornerstone to improved student learning.

-  We are life-long learners.

-  Everyone responsible for teaching has the ability and desire to learn to be a better teacher.

-  Scholarly, evidence-based teaching is necessary to improve student learning.

-  Effective education advancement is a fundamental need in every society.

This blog promotes informed and practiced approaches for enhancing student learning through systematic improvement of effective teaching, in higher education. The content may be used for professional reflection about your own teaching, to stimulate discussion
between colleagues, or as a supplemental reading in seminar courses.

Our Fundamental goals are to:


-  Provide a venue to share with, and learn from colleagues.

-  Inspire readers to try something new, tweak a teaching strategy, or to validate that what they currently do is based on sound practice.

-  Direct readers to additional resources.

Read, enjoy, learn, share, and contribute. 

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