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All Learning is an Active Process: Rethinking Active/Passive Learning Debate

Todd Zakrajsek, Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Learning is relatively easy.  It happens all the time. Over a lifetime you will learn an astronomical amount of information.  Much learning happens without any effort at all and often without you even realizing it.  For example, learning takes place effortlessly when you find a new shortcut while driving to work, when ordering an amazing dish at a restaurant for the first time, or when using a vending machine that does not deliver as promised.  In such cases, learning is fluid and effortless.  At other times learning is difficult: trying to recall a phone number just heard, operating a new computer system, or navigati

Stop Assigning Team Projects…Unless…

Erik R. Eddy, Siena College Caroline D’Abate,  Skidmore College Groupwork and team projects are common pedagogical tools utilized by faculty across the curriculum to enhance student learning. Although most faculty utilize some form of team-based learning methodology, there remains little research on how faculty teach their students the differences between working alone and working in a team (Napier & Gershenfeld, 2004; Nicoll-Senft, 2009). Education about teamwork and ongoing support of team processes are critical elements in maximizing student engagement and learning in the classroom. Teams are important We know that teams are an important and growing part of organizational life in

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