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Backward Design as a Way Forward

Todd D. Zakrajsek, PhD Associate Professor - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill It seems so simple; before beginning a journey most individuals know (or at least have a solid idea) the destination. When going on a vacation, it would seem ridiculous to pack a suitcase and head out the door with no idea as to which direction to travel or what specific supplies may be needed during the excursion. Typically, we start thinking about a vacation with a given outcome in mind, perhaps to relax or to see new sights.  From there we look for potential destinations that meet our expectation.  If relaxation is the expressed purpose of the trip then a wooded retreat or an isolated beach hut

Reflective Writing: Engaging Students in a Contemplative Practice

Dr. Cheryl Hoy Director and Lecturer, General Studies Writing Program - Bowling Green State University Writing reflectively as a contemplative practice in courses across all disciplines offers faculty and students a powerful and insightful look into learning processes and cognitive development. Reflective writing can be narrative, descriptive, analytical, evaluative, or critical; it can be dynamic or discordant; it can be ambiguous or discerning. Regardless of what it can be, it is a tool that assists students in thinking critically about course content and in connecting course material with practical experiences. Student written reflections allow faculty to see misunderstandings and

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