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No More Grading In Your Pajamas: Using Video to Provide Feedback on Assignments

Zara Risoldi Cochrane, PharmD, MS, FASCP School of Pharmacy and Health Professions - Creighton University As the assignment deadline draws near, you begin to do the math in your head.  If you have a 12 page paper, multiplied by 185 students, and it takes you 2 minutes to read each page…how long until your eyes cross from all this grading?! As educators, we’re challenged to provide thoughtful, high-quality feedback on assignments for an increasing number of students in a timely fashion.  On one hand, it’s important that we provide students with feedback quickly, so they can incorporate our comments into future assignments.  On the other hand, if we want our feedback to be meaningful a

Flipping Very Large Classrooms: Embracing the Controlled Chaos

Amanda Brindley Holton Department of Chemistry - University of California, Irvine When first implementing flipped instruction, I ravenously read every resource I could find. I excitedly wandered into the each conference talk with “large” and “flipped” in the title, only to be disappointed to see that they were discussing classrooms of 50 – my classrooms are generally 350-400 students! Not to be discouraged, with quickly advancing technology, and pioneers in the field working with publishers to improve it further, I thought, “it can’t be all that different.” Regardless of scale, similar challenges exist and technology can be used to minimize repetitive tasks to keep the workload to a

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