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Leveraging Digital Tools for Formative Assessment

Dr. Trish Harvey Assistant Professor, School of Education - Hamline University Dr. Vivian Johnson Associate Dean/Professor, School of Education - Hamline University “The research reported here shows conclusively that formative assessment does improve student learning.  The gains in achievement appear to be quite considerable … among the largest ever reported for educational interventions.” (Black & Wiliam, 1998, p. 61) In our experience, faculty want their classrooms to be engaged learning environments where their students are active, enthusiastic learners who not only meet but exceed learning objectives. However, consistently creating this environment is not easy and so many of us lo

Cut to the Chase: Five Steps to Critical Thinking

Dr. Barbara Limbach Professor - Chadron State College Dr. Wendy Waugh Professor - Chadron State College The challenges of the 21st century demand that educators seek out and utilize new methods to enhance the education of students where teachers empower learners to solve problems and think critically. Following is a simplified five-step pedagogical process to transition courses, in any discipline, toward one that develops critical thinking skills in a learner-centered environment. Step 1: Determine Learning Outcomes and Objectives The development of well-written outcomes and objectives will greatly accelerate a learner’s movement into higher level thinking (Ball & Garton, 2005). To ma

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