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I Get by with a Little Help From My Friends: Leveraging the Expertise of Colleagues

Todd Zakrajsek, PhD Associate Professor - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Take a moment to think about all of the tasks that you do or are assigned to do as a faculty member. The list grows quickly and is very impressive. Aside from teaching and research, in my role as a faculty member I have had to do the following: grade term papers, construct multiple-choice tests, present before a large audience (my largest class was 200 students), evaluate group projects, calculate grades, help students to create conference posters, mentor students, facilitate difficult conversations in the classroom, counsel students with test anxiety, explain to students that due to their grades th

It Takes a Village to Launch a Grant Proposal

Bonnie Farley-Lucas, PhD Southern Connecticut State University Nationwide, faculty are under increasing pressure to obtain external funding and grants to support research initiatives to build on the scholarly work of teaching, learning, curriculum, and faculty development projects. In addition to the labor of love, research, innovation, and technical writing involved in creating a grant proposal, complex collaborations are required to launch the proposal from the individual level to the institution level. While campuses vary widely in policies and administrative support for external funding, one commonality is that it takes a village to launch a grant proposal. As Principal Investig

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