Marie Allsopp

Dr. Marie Allsopp is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Purdue University in the
Department of Nutrition Science. Prior to obtaining a terminal degree in public health, she worked for over a decade as a registered dietitian in clinical, community, and customer service settings. She has experience in multiple academic institutions and a passion for pedagogical practices that increase undergraduate student engagement. Dr, Allsopp has received recognition professionally both as a practitioner and (an assistant) professor. Her line of scholarship of teaching and learning includes using multi-media to engage students during lectures, collaborative learning, service learning, and flipped
classrooms. This fall, Marie Allsopp was a fellow of Instruction Matters: Purdue
Academic Course Transformation (IMPACT), which was a Chronicle of Higher
Education 2018 Innovator for promoting classroom culture change.





Blogs Contributed:

Incorporating Pop Music into the Classroom for Deeper Learning